Recruiting Assistants and Office Managers

Are you looking for an Office Manager, (Executive) Secretary, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant or Management Assistant? VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment is a recruitment and selection agency specialized in recruiting, advising and coaching bachelor and university-level Assistants. Since 2000, we have been acting as intermediaries for Personal Assistants, Office Managers, HR Assistants and other Assistants, matching them with well-known companies in both the profit and the non-profit sectors. Our clients include many major international organisations, as well as start ups and small professional firms looking for an Assistant or Office Manager for the first time.


Finding the right Assistant for an organisation involves more than just searching through CVs. Personality is just as important as skills and experience. Because ultimately, it’s all about the right ‘click’ between the client and the Assistant. We have an extensive network of highly qualified candidates.

The Perfect Match Between client and candidate

To be able to form a realistic picture of your organisation and the company culture, we prefer to make a personal visit to your company. In conjunction with you, we can then discuss the skills and experience required for the position. And we can discuss the personality and competencies of the ideal candidate.

Armed with this clearly defined profile, we then initiate a carefully prepared search in our extensive network. We also place the vacancy on our own website and on various paid job boards (free of charge) and social media to further expand the reach. As soon as we have found suitable candidates, we will present at least three candidates to you. Those candidates qualitatively are not inferior to each other, but differ slightly in terms of personality.

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Graag wil ik jullie bedanken voor de prettige gesprekken. Ik heb jullie als heel professioneel, gedegen en eerlijk ervaren en zal jullie zeker aanbevelen.

Florien Jansonius
Permanent functions

Wij houden van snel werken, maar geloven niet in snel scoren. Ons uitgangspunt is dat de kandidaat.

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Interim functions

We hebben een grote pool van freelancers als ook kandidaten die tijdelijk beschikbaar zijn.

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Young professionals

Wij zijn ook succesvol actief in de bemiddeling en begeleiding van Young Professionals..

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