Permanent positions

We will not search for the perfect cv, but for the perfect candidate. Our starting point is the candidate..

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Interim positions

We have a large pool of freelancer as well as candidates who are temporarily available..

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Young Professionals

We are also successfully active in recruiting and supervision of Young Professionals with a Bachelor of Master degree..

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About us

VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment is a national recruitment and selection agency specialised in recruiting, advising and coaching bachelor or university-level Assistants. Since 2000, we have been acting as intermediaries for Personal Assistants, Office Managers, HR Assistants and other Assistants, matching them with well-known companies in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Our clients include many major international organizations, as well as startups and small professional firms looking for an Assistant or Office Manager for the first time.

Our mission

Finding the perfect Assistant for your organisation! We are keen to engage in collaborations based on trust and a joint responsibility in finding a suitable candidate for your organisation.

Research shows that a CV is not an accurate indicator of performance on the work floor. This certainly applies to the field of Assistants and Office Managers. Which is why our searches focus more on personality and chemistry than on the perfect CV.

More than 80% of candidates are not actively looking for new employment, and our database of more than 20,000 candidates helps us identify and approach this group in our efforts to find the perfect match.

Each candidate we present to you has already undergone an extensive interview with multiple consultants in our office. Before we present a candidate to you, we have already conducted comprehensive internal discussions about them. Our aim is to propose three candidates that are equal in terms of quality but who differ somewhat in personality. Our unique way of working ensures a considerable saving in terms of time invested, and an optimal end result.

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Do you have any questions about how VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment can help you? Please contact us via e-mail of phone. We are available during working hours from Monday till Friday.