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Finding the right Assistant for an organisation involves more than just searching through CVs. Personality and charisma are just as important for us as skills and experience. Because ultimately, it’s all about the right ‘click’ between the client and the Assistant. This demands customisation, quality and personal attention for both our clients and our candidates. Our way of working has ensured that we have been matching top-quality Assistants with very satisfied customers since 2000.
Occasionally, clients we’re already in touch with ask us to look for a suitable candidate for a function that is not one of our core specialisms. Every time we get such a request, we consider very carefully whether we have the required knowledge and experience in the field to fill this vacancy. Fields that fall into this category include Communication, Project Management and HR.

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Graag wil ik jullie bedanken voor de prettige gesprekken. Ik heb jullie als heel professioneel, gedegen en eerlijk ervaren en zal jullie zeker aanbevelen.

Florien Jansonius